S1:E14 DC VS MARVEL Movies

Welcome to nerdgasm!

We initially planned this podcast around discussing all of the upcoming Marvel and DC movies. We then realized that we’d essentially done that throughout the infancy of our podcast. No, we don’t nerd out every week… but for a solid month we probably talked about Batman V Superman every week. And groaned over the Suicide Squad pictures and trailers.

Helping add to awesomeness that is Premature Evaluators this week is Malcolm. He’s our resident DC expert. He’s also a gorgeous man babe. A combination which has been working in his favor. Ladies, you may not be into the comics but just listen to those sexy, subtle tones. And if you are into the comics AND the voice we suspect you’ll probably have dehydrated by the end of this podcast.

Movie Reviews:

Batman V Superman


Fantastic Four (1994)


Avery, Eli, Stuart
Guest: Malcolm

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