S1:E7 Tyler Perry’s Fantastic Four

Don’t be mislead by the title. I mean, if the title made you think  this wouldn’t be a terribly offensive episode then right, don’t be mislead. It is exactly that. But not by design! Pinky swear!

In this episode, the cast helps Avery who is struggling to name a segment that should be pretty easily labeled… “Hollywood News”.

*HINT: You can click the movie titles and posters to view the trailers*

Movie Reviews:

Listener Recommended: Thanks Kevin S!

Dragon Blade

Fantastic Four


Hollywood News:
Chris Brown Under Investigation for……
Celebrity Cheese!

Avery, Eli, Stuart
Special Guest – Ben!

S1:E6 Straight Men

What happens when a host of a podcast shows up to a recording on drugs? Are pretty awesome podcast, that’s what.
And just to clarify, that host was Stu. And that drug was caffeine.

Avery‘s thankful for an opportunity to nerd out over the new Starwars trailer (and it won’t be the last time).

And Eli gets to worship his hero a little: Kirk Cameron!

Movie Reviews:


Saving Christmas

Starwars: The Force Awakens


Hollywood News:
Starwars Guesses
The Joker Selfie

Avery, Eli, Stuart

S1:E5 Probably About Kevin Smith

This is a special 420 edition of Premature Evaluators!
Nah… we didn’t even really know it was 420 until pretty late in the day. We’re not hip anymore.
Well, Eli and Avery aren’t hip anymore. Stu isn’t in this episode. He was “working”.

Also… Eli sh**s on Kevin Smith for 30 minutes. This episode is actually going to be subtitled, “The one where Eli sh**s on Kevin Smith.”

Movie Reviews:

Vampire Academy




Hollywood News:
Michael Jackson won’t Stop til he Gets Enough
Jessica Alba Better as a Meat Product

Avery, Eli

S1:E4 Not About Dildos

Premature Evaluators are in full-effect! That means something to somebody…
Why are you even really reading the show notes? They kind of suck right now. The whole site kind of sucks right now. But that’s just because we’re putting so much effort and time into providing you, the listeners, with a quality podcast!
Oh… And maybe we talk about dildos for 30 minutes. Maybe.

Movie Reviews:

Barely Lethal
Desert Dancer

Age of Ultron


Hollywood News:
Top 15 Most Ridiculous ScyFy Movies
Kid Rock! The Courts Need You! (And Your Dildos!)

Avery, Eli, Stuart

S1:E3 Cybernatural

We’re going to open up to you guys a little. Let you into our thoughts and hearts. This is probably the first recording that we don’t feel ashamed of. I mean, not totally… Please take a listen and provide us with any feedback that you might have. Believe us, we take feedback to heart. (The good stuff anyway. We just laugh at the rest.)

Please provide feedback at:

Movie Reviews


Big Game


Hollywood News:
Covington, GA is RUINING Hollywood!
Hollywood Pays Stunt Men to Literally Die on Camera
Twin Peaks Remake on the Rocks

Avery, Eli, Stuart

S1:E2 Richter Scale

Peeval Albulm Cover

Episode 2! Are you as excited about this as we are? If so, it probably means you didn’t listen to Episode 1. Go do that. Then come back.
Sweet… how are you feeling about Episode 2 now? Us too…

But this episode has something the last one did not: our third full-time host, Stuart!
Welcome him by listening to this podcast. Or shun him by listening to this podcast.

Movie Reviews:

San Andreas
The Longest Ride

Hollywood News
Sean Penn’s Shit gets taken
Robots on Tinder
Top Ten Hottest Movies of ALL TIME (for Eli)

Avery, Ben, Eli, Stuart