S2:E21 Listener Appreciation Hour

Well hello there adored listeners!

We know that sometimes we may come off as a bit sarcastic in our terms of endearment for our loyal listeners. That’s just who we are — or at least, how we talk.

But rest assured! We absolutely love and appreciate you all! (Yes, even Chad.)

This episode is all about you guys. Well, a lot about us ranting and getting nerdy over things too. But whatevs.

S2:E16 At the Speed of Plot: Star Trek Beyond | Ghostbusters

Did you say you wanted some good ole fashioned remakes?!?!

No? Well have them anyway.
Remakes has pretty much been a constant theme here at Premature Evaluators. But it’s not our fault. For every two original movies that we get to review we are presented with 3.2 million remakes. Which kind of dilutes the pool a bit.
…But at least these two gems will be entertaining. Right? Right?..

S2:E15 The Peter Chernin Challenge: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates | The Purge: Election Year

July Releases

We’re back and we got some explaining to do…
I mean, not really. Thank you guys for sticking through the chaotic free-for-all that was Episode 14. We’re back in the studio and not in Avery’s kitchen — so that’s an improvement.